Travel reports Panamericana 2021 – XX

Mexico Travel report


July 2021 – XX

A huge country with an incredible diversity. Fantastic beaches, gigantic volcanoes and a contrasting landscape with mountains, desert and jungle. Culture also brings a lot of variety: beautiful cities from the Spanish colonial period, Mayan cities and temple ruins of the Aztecs.

Travel Report Spain


July 2021

Once across Germany to the Baltic Sea. Kitesurfing on the sunny island of Fehmarn and city trip in Hamburg. Afterwards, Whaly continues to Bremerhaven, where he is loaded onto a cargo ship.

Spain, campsites, Rio Ebro


March – June 2021

Flamenco, Bullfight, National parks, the white villages of Andalusia – Spain has a lot to offer. We discover the south of Spain, enjoy wonderful campsites and explore the nature, landscape, cultures and traditions of Spain.

Provence, French Riviera


January / February 2021

Through the Provence to the French Riviera until the Spanish border. A road trip which has a lot to offer and lets us immerse ourselves in the savoir-vivre of the French. From lavender fields to olive groves, deserted villages in the Provencal stone house style, Castle ruins and Mediterranean flair.

Travel reports world trip 2008 – 2011


May 2010 – February 2011

Seven states, 33,000 km and 300 nights under the stars. Indescribable months full of freedom, endless expanses, snow-white beaches, varied natural spectacles and extremely open-minded residents. Together with “Speedy” – our Toyota Landcruiser – our lifelong dream of Australia came true.



The Philippines, our new home to live the dream of being a dive instructor One season became two. Sharing life with a completely new culture – many highs and a few lows shaped this time. These experiences and other adventures from two months Island hopping and Diving all over the Philippines.


October 2009

Life on Mekong, Tourist hotspot Vang Vien, Monks in Luang Prabang and Irrawaddy dolphins at the 4000 Islands. The diversity of the country, the pleasant traveling and the slowed-down life of the Laotians – and soon ours too – make this stay unforgettable.


September 2009

A roller coaster ride of emotions we experience in the Kingdom of Cambodia. So different are the impressions between the temple paradise Angkor Wat and and the capital Phnom Penh. What exactly awaits us, you can read here


June & July 2009

Absolute top dive spots, Surfers paradise in Bali, volcanoes, Rice fields and relaxing on dream beaches – a journey full of experiences but also backpacker borderline experiences As a crowning finale we look an orangutan directly in the eyes, in the middle of the jungle – Indonesia, we’ll be back!


May – June 2009

We would never have thought that we would take Malaysia to our hearts. Our expectations were exceeded. Hardly any country in Southeast Asia convinced with such Cultural diversity, curious but also tourist-shy people, exciting sights and Outdoor activities like Malaysia.


August 2009

Thailand – the “land of smiles”. Most of the time, yes, but not always. Just because of the Thai street food we could stay forever In addition to the beach feeling in the south, we were particularly impressed by the north. Mystical temples in Ayutthaya and the ancient royal city of Sukothai are just as impressive as jungle trips and a vibrant Bangkok.


May 2009

We had high expectations of Borneo. Not all of them were met. You can find out why in the travel report. Fascinating Animal experiences at the Kinabatangan River and beautiful natural landscapes around the Kota Kinabalu National Park however predominate.

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