10 months (almost) around Australia with Speedy, our Toyota Landcruiser. A time where we got to know and love the “vanlife”. A time which inspired us 10 years later to our expeditionvehicle project “Whaly”. Come along and read how it all began with Speedy.

Travel reports Australia Northern Territory

Northern territory

Is it really that easy to buy our dream car? How will we settle into “vanlife”? What off-road adventures await us? This and why we had to make a 1’000km detour from Alice Springs, you can read here. Northern Australia; The endless red expanses around the natural wonder of Ayers Rock have enchanted us.

Travel reports Australia Western Australia

Western australia

The West – we had high expectations for this part of Australia. These were fulfilled 100%. What we experienced was indescribable; beautiful beaches, mighty waterfalls, impressive national parks and breathtaking campsites in the middle of nature. A paradise.

Travel reports Australia Southern Australia

Southern territory

World famous wine regions, kangaroo encounters, big city feeling in Adelaide, hours of hiking in the Flinders Ranges and off-road adventures on the Odnadatta Track. In South Australia it will not be boring either.

Travel reports Australia Western Australia


If you only have a few weeks and want to experience Australia, you will find everything in miniature in Tasmania: red rock formations, impressive mountains for hours of hiking, up-close animal experiences, snow-white beaches and much more. A pearl of nature, which is an absolute must-do.


With the crossing into Victoria, civilization is slowly returning. Despite increased tourist flows, there are places that should not be omitted from a “Road Trip Australia”. A journey from the Grampians over the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne and the Snowy River National Park.

New South Wales

Residents around Sydney are fortunate to have such spectacular national parks as the Blue Mountains in close proximity. What else we experienced in New South Wales and if and how we sold our beloved Speedy again you can read here.

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