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About us Linda Sandro and Whaly

We are Linda…

the ambitious, planning manager and language responsible..

About us Linda Sandro and Whaly

and Sandro.

…the technical all-rounder as well as the spontaneous and creative part of the team

We have been together since 2001 and can look back on many adventures. Whaly is the newest member of our little family. But more about that later. Alone we are Linda & Sandro, together “Howis”. We complement each other perfectly. Sandro is the technical multi-talent as well as the spontaneous and creative head. Linda is the ambitious, planning and eloquent head. The areas of responsibility during our travels divided accordingly. Sandro kümmert sich ums Filmen, Fotografieren und natürlich das Fahrzeug. Linda um das Schreiben, die Website und die Reiseplanung. Whaly is responsible for the highest level of adventure.

But what is it that actually drives us to discover the world? Basically, we live a privileged life in Switzerland. However – we are convinced that life has more to offer. For us, travellingmeans freedom. Traveling means getting to know new cultures. Traveling meansbroaden your horizons. Travel inspires and invigorates us. Above all, it means discovering our wonderful world. Feel the sand between your toes, experience the oppressive heat of the rainforest, breathe liberating mountain air while hiking or mountain biking, or dive into breathtaking underwater worlds. That is what makes us happy.

This is not the first major time out we have allowed ourselves. From 2008 – 2011 we backpacked through Southeast Asia, worked 1.5 years as Dive Instructors in the Philippines and traveled 10 months through Australia. It was there that ouroff-road camper– a Toyota Landruciser – sparked a passion for camping in us. Whether on sandy beaches, rivers and lakes or in front of breathtaking cliffs – what could be better than looking back on the events of the day once again around the campfire? We realized that this was not our last big road trip. We have thus provided the proof that we can endure such a long time together in a confined space. A friend on the road once told us why don’t we write a book called, “Why you don’t kill each other.” To be honest, it’s rather the opposite. The longer you travel, the more you discover, the more ups and downs you go through, the more it welds you together.

For ten years now, we have been physically back in Switzerland, but with our heads often far away. Our current adventure takes us across the USA, Canada and South America. The destination is the “Panamericana”route from north to south – including some digressions. However, unlike Australia, we need more storage space for our favorite utensils. Mountain bike, hiking equipment, fishing equipment, diving equipment – all this has accumulated over the years and of course can not be missing, to enjoy the time of our lives. This is the reason why Whaly was created. Sandro spent three years planning, tinkering and building until our baby was born. We’ll tell you more about this in the “Vehicle” section.

We want you to be a part of our journey! Maybe we can inspire you to try traveling as well. If you like our site, we will update you regularly with the latest travel adventures, great photos, travel tips and regular info posts on YouTube.

About us Linda Sandro and Whaly

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