Panamericana: on a trip around the world with the expedition vehicle

World trip with expedition vehicle: With our self-built expedition vehicle we start the Panamericana from Alaska to Patagonia. Why now? What will await us?

Yes, we have a thousand questions in our heads. Is it the right decision to hold on to our plans? Is it a journey into the unknown? Nobody can answer these questions for us. Not even ourselves. At least not until we have dared it. Hence the die is cast; We will make our dream come true, and we will do it now. Otherwise we will never know if it was the right decision.

When you decide on a certain date after years of planning, it is difficult to let go. Many other commitments have prevented us from starting earlier. Patiently, we have repeatedly agreed to the end of 2020. Now everything is ready; our expedition mobile as good as finished, our apartment handed over already two months ago, job quit by the end of the year. We cannot and do not want to wait any longer. Who knows what comes after Corona? There is no such thing as the right time. Or maybe it is exactly right now?

Traveling despite Corona can also have its advantages if you are willing to be flexible enough. Maybe it is precisely that what excites us: not knowing where our path will lead us in the following months. In addition, life in Switzerland under corona conditions offers little joy of life now – another reason why we are drawn into a new adventure. Then there are empty tourist attractions and deserted beaches. Who would not want that as a traveler? Since the lack of tourism is a hard blow for many countries, it can be argued whether traveling during Corona is good or bad. The way we travel – self-sufficient and away from urban areas – does not bear the danger of endangering others. On the contrary, in Switzerland we are probably a greater risk for our fellow human beings.

Therefore, we will see where our way leads us and hope for many beautiful moments.

Howis-Web: Panamericana
Howis-Web: Panamericana

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Pitch Guide

Camping along the Panamericana route is not comparable to camping in Europe. Official camping areas are scarce, depending on the country. But there is nothing more beautiful than an idyllic free standing place anyway. Partly we meet absolute pearls. We summarize our pitches per country in a PDF guide, including coordinates, costs, infrastructure and activities. For EUR 20.00 each you get a variety of pitches. So go ahead and order now, specifying the desired country. (The available countries are listed below). Thank you for your support!


A country where vanlife is a foreign word. Official parking spaces are scarce; free standing is everyday life. Depending on the state, these may be easier or harder to find. The question of safety often arises. Currently you can expect a guide from the states of Veracruz, Chiapas, Campeche & Yucátan. You will of course receive a continuous update until the Mexico trip is completed.

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World Tour 2021: Our Route

Howis-Web: Panamericana
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You want to know how our vehicle originated? The long way from the fire truck to the expedition vehicle “Whaly” is documented here. From the choice of vehicle to cabin construction and interior design. Have fun!

Travel Report Spain

Due to Corona, our world tour will take us through Europe for the time being starting in 2021. But whether France or Spain, we are positively surprised! Also you can find here the travel reports of our world trip Asia & Australia from 2008 – 2011.


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Whether mountain bike, camera or camping gear; there are some useful things which should not be missing. What material we travel with and what we can recommend, you can find out here.

On the road

Tips and tricks about vanlife, border formalities, budget, GPS tracks for download and much more. You can read about the challenges we face on the road and how we solve them here.



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