Mountain bike equipment

Mountain bike equipment: tips and tricks around the bike! For many years we are passionate mountain bikers. Whether in Switzerland, Austria or Italy – we love the mountains and the trails. As we travel around the globe, we explore entirely new territories. With which equipment, we have put together here. You can also find our favorite tours as GPX download

The Mountainbikes

The combination of sweaty climbs and adrenaline-filled descents is what makes mountain biking our passion. After long tours we fall into bed in the evening, tired but happy. We are often looked at in disbelief that we are riding without electricity. E-mountain bikes now dominate the market. Not an option for us (yet). We are not the shuttle or cableway types either. We enjoy the struggle of the climb as much as the downhill. To keep the fun factor high, you need the right bike.

Since the beginning of our mountain bike life we are enthusiastic Thömus riders. Some may think now; Thömus who? The story behind Thömus Veloshop is impressive. At the age of 17, Thömu secretly converted his parents’ farm into a bicycle store. Today he has his own sucessful racing team. Not only the Hightech-Mountainbikes with a top price-performance ratio move us into staying loyal to Thömus. The family and friendly atmosphere is also crucial. On the farm you can just take time for a beer, try the huge bike park or participate in the numerous events. The central advantage for us when buying a Thömus bike is the individual composition of the components.

Our latest bikes – it’s the fourth one each – are lightweights, which we definitely feel in the saddle. The high-tech carbon frame in combination with the carbon rims also offers incredible stability. The Lightrider is a cross country racing machine; uphill this can already trigger envious glances. With 120mm travel certainly remains air to the top for the downhills. For enduro fans, the Oberrieder is therefore an alternative. The latest generation has also changed a lot in terms of weight. However, as cross-country riders we need the right bike for 2000Hm climbs and fun trail descents. The Lightrider offers exactly this combination. The fact that two Worldcup riders, Matthias Flück and Alessandra Keller, ride to their succes with exactly this Lightrider, speaks for the Bike. Here you can learn more about the Thömus Racing Team

The switch to 29 inch wheels was a quantum leap for us. That we again feel such an immense difference with the newer Lightrider CT, we thought impossible. We simply could not return the bikes after a test weekend and switch to the “old”. Some people probably feel the same way we do. That’s what puts a smile on your face in the evening; for the right fun factor, you need the right bike.

Clothing & Accessories


There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. At least that’s the saying. We also belong to this type of mountain bikers. A little rain or low temperatures in winter does not stop us from getting in the saddle. 90% of the time we are in Qloom clothing. This is not only stylish, but extremely durable and offers great freedom of movement. Even jersey sets that have been worn regularly for several years are still in top condition. Since Thömus Veloshop also works together with Qloom, we usually purchase the clothing via Thömus.

A good webshop for bike and outdoor clothing in Switzerland is also SportScheck.

Order directly at SportScheck

Functional underwear

For sports underwear, we swear by X-Bionic. Although relatively expensive, but unbeatable quality. The technology behind it briefly summarized: Unlike other functional underwear, which transport sweat away from the body, X-Bionic uses this actively on the body to cool it. Due to the design of the garments, the sweat is transported to the places where it is needed for cooling. Underwear, socks, top, long sleeve shirts or pants; the choice is wide. Of course, the technology behind this the functional underwear is also suitable for all other outdoor sports.

X-Bionic at Amazon

Protective equipment

Safety should always come first, even in mountain biking. Knee and elbow protectors are always with us in technically difficult terrain. When you fall, you usually fall directly on your elbows and knees. Sandro can tell you a thing or two about that after breaking his elbow. In addition, it also increases driving safety – at least for us. Protectors can definitely cause an extra dose of courage in the head. We use the IXS Carve protectors because you are very comfortable and relatively motionless, even in the uphill. This means you don’t have to be constantly dressed and undressed. The IXS protectors are available with or without zipper.

Protektoren IXS Carve bei Amazon


EVOC backpacks have been our faithful companions for years. The 18l version for smaller tours and the 26l version for larger day trips. With the 26l can easily pack enough material for overnight trips. If it goes high and you are looking for the right companion to have enough material for onion layers or change of clothes, the 26l version is definitely on. Otherwise, 18l is quite sufficient. Both come with handy helmet holder and rain cover.

EVOC 18l Bike Backpack at Amazon

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Garmin sports watch

Garmin Fenix 5S Plus

Garmin sports watches are our daily companions. Whether mountain biking, hiking or snowboarding. All kind of sports can be tracked with the Garmin. For a woman’s wrist, the Garmin Fenix 5S is perfect with the 42mm case; although this is of course a matter of taste. A version in 47 or 51mm is also available. Via the Connect app, the sports watch measures your performance statistics, health statistics and much more. The GPS route guidance is ingenious. So ingenious that even our Garmin Oregon 650 had to give way. Despite the smaller display on the sports watch, it is more pleasant to navigate. It’s also great how easy it is to download GPS tracks. Two button presses later, the tours are stored in the clock. Moreover, you can listen to your favorite music via Bluetooth. Garmin Pay is also supported. The only drawback is the battery runtime. This should certainly be longer. If you record routes and navigate according to GPS tracks, the watch has to be charged after 10 hours after a day’s tour.

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Order at Sportscheck: Garmin Fenix 5S Plus

Garmin Descent MK1/2

The Garmin Descent MK 1, which Sandro wears, is equipped with a dive computer in addition to all the features of the Fenix 5S Plus. As a sportsman and diver, the perfect watch. There’s not much the watch can’t do. Whether you need all of it is the other question. The display of the dive computer is very easy to read under water. The watch has generally with its 51mm a large display, which is why it is rather a man’s watch. But that, too, is a matter of taste, of course. By means of practical click releases, the wristbands can also be changed. These are available in peppy colors like yellow and orange. The battery runtime of the MK1 is also top. The MK 2 is the successor and offers even more features such as air integration, pulse oximeter, larger display and more map material.

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Garmin Fenix 5SPlus
Garmin Fenix 5 S Plus
Garmin Descent MK1
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